Welcome to the DSC!

This year the Dover Spouses' Club will emphasize Service, Friendship and Fun!  Whether we are having dinner and yelling Bunco or volunteering at the DSC Craft Show, in the local community or the base, we will be creating and sharing fun memories.


Along with having fun, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life, not only for our members, but for our base and local communities. Our Craft Show is not only the largest one day show in this region, it also allows us to make a large number of donations throughout the year to many local and national non-profit organizations that enrich the lives of our Team Dover families. Throughout the year, the DSC will provide opportunities to partner and volunteer with DAFB and local community organizations - further enriching the lives of the community that surrounds us!


Being a member of the DSC is a wonderful way to give back to our community while
making lifelong friendships...



The history of spouses' clubs began as early as the 1700s, during the American Revolutionary War.  Since then, military wives and husbands have offered support to military members. 


In their book, The Air Force Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide, Ann Crossley and Carol A. Keller recount the role played by Martha Washington like this:

She arrived in a carriage, well stocked with provisions for her husband and his men.  Once there, she dispensed the food and medicines and gathered daily with the other wives to knit, sew, visit with and tend the sick.  She also gave small dinners and held open house twice a week for her husband’s officers.


Like other  spouses’ clubs on U.S. military bases around the world, the Dover Spouses' Club works hard to keep alive the traditions established by women like Martha Washington, while adjusting to meet the ever-changing needs of our members and community.

The Dover Spouses' Club is a united organization, serving all military spouses within the DAFB community.  The DSC was established in 2016, after the Dover Officer's Spouses' Club and the Dover Enlisted Spouses' Club merged together.  The DSC has created a stronger support community for all the spouses at DAFB. 


Honorary President: Hana Safranek

Honorary VP: Christie Jones


Honorary VP: Kendra Haynes

President: Lauren Smyrski

Vice President of Welfare:  Lauren Morgan

Vice President of Socials:  Karissa Ryan

Parliamentarian:  Jennifer Burns

Welfare Treasurer:  Rachel Skinner

Social Treasurer:  Rebecca Hawkins

Secretary:  VACANT

Membership Chair: Melanie O'Campo

Social/Programs Chair: Kelly Robin 

Publicity: Jennifer Parker

Member at Large: Ellen Schaff

Welfare Chair: VACANT


Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Bredesen

Craft Show Chair:  Amanda Habbestad


Craft Show Co- Chair: Andrea Caswell

Craft Show Volunteer Coordinator: Heather Tatum

Craft Show Food Vendor Coordinator: VACANT

Scholarship Chair: Megan Saunders

Scholarship Co-Chair: Heather Tatum



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