38th Annual Dover Spouses' Club Craft Show, November 5, 2022, POLYTECH High School

Welcome, craft show vendors!

This year's DSC Craft Show will take place Nov 5, 2022 at POLYTECH High School.

As always, our show will be exclusively for homemade goods. No commercial products will be accepted.

For years we held our craft show at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington, but for various reasons, we needed to find a new location. Last year we tried out the Del Tech campus, but ultimately the space proved too limiting for the number of vendors we could accommodate, and overcrowding was certainly an issue.


We scouted many locations in recent months, and we’re excited about our new partnership with POLYTECH High School! This year we’ll ensure wider aisles, and we anticipate space for about 100 booths, which is around double what we had last year at Del Tech, although final layout is still being decided. All spaces will be indoors.

As we reboot our craft show, all vendor applications this year will be evaluated by our committee. Vendors are required to submit photos with their application regardless of previous show participation. Applications without photos will not be considered.

We are also returning to an online application in hopes that more efficient records will lead to easier returning vendor applications in the future. If you are not able to submit digital photos using the Google Form, you may email or mail printed photos separately. If you cannot use the Google Form at all, please print the paper application (download below) and mail it with printed photos.

The DSC Craft Show is run by volunteer military spouses assigned to Dover AFB. Since the nature of military life means moving often, there is high turnover within the DSC board and the craft show committee, so please be patient with us as we adapt year to year. And as a reminder, all our proceeds from vendor booths and shopper admission get used for donations to local, state and national charities as well as scholarships for local military dependents, so thank you for enabling us to give back in meaningful ways!


We look forward to seeing you at this year’s craft show!

May 1-31     Applications accepted
Jun 1-30      Vendor application review

Jul 1            Approval or denial emails/letters will be sent out

Jul 1-31      Payments accepted for all approved vendors

Aug 1-30    $35 late fee added to late payments

Sep 1          Unpaid vendors will be replaced by vendors on our waiting list


We appreciate your continued support and look forward to a great event this fall!

EMAIL: DSCcraftshow@gmail.com


DSC Craft Show

PO Box 2069

Dover AFB, DE 19902


Rachel Skinner, Chair

Nicole Wilcox, Co-Chair

Casey Hill, President